Plan Wisely the structure of your site for great SEO results


Search engine optimization (SEO) provider follows a scientific process for helping a website to gain top positions on search engine ranking positions (SERPs). In this process, a set of keywords or key phrases help in website optimization. SEO specialists not only concentrate on optimizing the site’s internal structure but also highlight external factors of a website. SEO provider’s prime objective is to increase targeted visitors surfing the site.

The increased targeted visitors will automatically lead to an increase in the amount of sales and return of investments. Importance of a site’s content is determined by a search engine based on its structure which would otherwise be considered as mere collection pages. The SEO service provider’s job is to enhance the structure quality to ensure visibility of a website.

The basics of a planning the ideal site structure are listed below:

Ideal site structure basics

Ensuring Visibility

The goal of a SEO provider is to increase the website traffic and gain a top ranking. Apart from increasing the traffic the structure should be capable of directing the people who are looking for what a website aims at offering.

User friendly

A user friendly structure helps enhancing the user experience and provides all the related information. Low bounce rate of the users visiting a site increases the ranking instantly. Points to be noted to achieve high user experience rate include

Keywords: the right keywords increase the chances of easy location and search.
Link pyramid: the content of the site should be well divided among the pages which need to be well-linked with the homepage.
Internal link structure: well-linked pages allow a friendly approach and content location and search.
Navigation: easy navigation between different pages ensures user experience and search.


Dynamic website need to be updated and so should be flexible enough keeping in mind the future changes, removal and restore. Outdated content should be removed from time to time and the new content should be linked to the existing content efficiently.

Site links

An important feature of the structure is well depicted site links. Site links are provided by the search engine based on a websites structural design. Site links may prove to be boon for the website by increasing the user trust and reliability. Site links improve the site’s branding and automatically guide the users towards the relevant information.

Site structure plan

Optimization of the online content is technically done to ensure visibility of the website and increases the likeliness to be found amongst the top ranking sites in search engines. Understanding of the content of a site depends on its structure which further determines its search excellence by search engines. A well-structured site aids the user to navigate through pages with ease. Planning a site structure needs a lot of technical and professional knowledge.

Step by step guide to structural planning

Hierarchal planning

Hierarchal planning is a way of organising information in a simple steps or pyramid structure. This is like a blueprint of the final structural design. Logical approach and dividing the content into categories and sub categories is the key to a successful structure design.

URL structure

Creating a URL structure that follows the sites navigation hierarchy is an easy task and a striking element of a strong site structure. Keywords are the keystones for a perfect URL structure.


The header should depict all the linking pages and in a proper pattern. A simple header is always user friendly and aids to efficient navigation.


A shallow navigation structure makes the navigation for the user easy to fetch the relevant information. Important pages must be a highlight of the navigation structure.


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