10 reason you need a website.


Website: do you really need them?

I am an artist and but I barely rely on social media in spite of a moderate following. Instead, I put in all efforts on my website to promote my art.

The website is the most essential marketing tool one can have. It is still valid in the world of apps because apps also have one for them. They are easy to build and mention  with WordPress. But the question many people ask is why to have a site when social networks are doing the job? But the real answer is they are not.

In this post, we are going to share the ultimate reasons why you should have a website. And there are choking facts about the social network where you invested money only in spending more to get a reach. Confused? Don’t be You will understand everything you want to know about marketing your content with a website as you read on. I might deviate more towards Blog as it is an integral part of a site.

Although This post-emphasis most on your site, I do not discourage you from using Social Media. But it is essential to understand that social media is a tool to reach people. And you need a website to reach them effectively. Websites and social media are connected to each other. And it will yield your best results if you use the site as a primary and social media secondary branch out for your online presence.

Before you read 10 points why a blog or a site will benefit you, there is a question which is most secondly asked. And that is who should have a website and it being confused by an app?

In my opinion, everybody on this planet should have a website. Whether it be an Artist, Musician or Filmmaker. Or even a plumber. Everybody has something to speak about. It might be new stuff you learn on the internet or in daily life. Here are some types for you to understand what kind of site you need for yourself. Waghya is targeted toward content creators in Music, Films and Art. But I would discuss the topic in broad; hence everyone could have a scoop of it and get some inspiration. They are for everyone from celebrities to guy next door.

Personal Blogs:

These are for people who cannot resist sharing their own feelings and thoughts on anything they encounter. Often people use them to share movements in there life. Many celebrities blog, like Amitabh Bachchan. And many ordinary people blog too. The best part about ordinary people count is that it makes us believe that everybody has a story to share. Even if you don’t have a gain from it. Just an appreciation is enough. And the simplicity of its content is what makes it beautiful. Ordinary in ordinary makes them extra Ordinary. If you really want to learn about content blogs are where you should start with.

Portfolio Sites:

If you belong to a community of creative people, you should probably go for this type. Although blowing is essential for any site to have people come to read something. They will be interested in the kind of work you do. If you are an illustrator, share sketches you do in spare time. Or share what you have to say about the current industry you work in. Some people also give away their knowledge for beginners. This is the very basis that they are recognised for. And their site is where people find more relevant information. Moreover, an opportunity to showcase your design skills.

Business site :

No matter what kind business you are into. A Business site if the best option to mind your own business. Your client will want to know how much you know about your industry. People you work with. Go ahead flaunt your connections and recommendations you have on the webpage. You will see more of this topic in the 13 key points why the blog is mandatory.

10 Key points why yes should have a website, and not only rely on Social Network.

Your den: It is the central hub for all the activities you want to inform to your audience. A place where you call home on the internet.

Right Investment: Don’t make the mistake of spending all your marketing budget only on Social media ads. You will so-called buy followers, because that is the primary income for social networks, and you will again have to pay them if you want to reach all your audience. On your site instead, all your visitor will see all the content you provide and get to chose what they want.

Shelf Life: Websites offer unlimited shelf life to your content, What goes up on your site, stay up forever. Whereas on the Social network our voice gets lost in the noise.

Algorithms: Don’t let go control of all your content in thirty party hands. Tomorrow if Facebook changes it’s algorithm and limits your content visibility to just 1% you will have nowhere to go. That means if you have 100 like on FB, only 1 person will see your post.

All day open: Website offers you an opportunity to reach masses all day long. Without you being active on it. So when you are spending time writing a new story or making music, Or even asleep, your website will continue to sell your account ( your product)

Authority: People will recognise you as an Authority in your field. The site is the first place your audience will want to see what you have to say about your self or your product. If you have something useful to say, you will rise as an authority in your niche. Your site/blog will be a destination for people searching for information related to your field of interest.

Fewer Distractions: Anybody visiting your FB page will be distracted to other content that the site has to offer. That means you have been granted less than a minute on 10% of the sheet of one of the thousands of pages on the site. Where are your website is dedicated to you

Social media is secondary: Yes social media is an essential factor in today’s market. But you will have to curate your social reach vie website. Do make your audience keep running to Youtube for your videos, or Instagram to see your latest photo. Keep them updated in one place. Ask them to like the channels you use on your website by adding social buttons.

All in one link: If someone demands your information, you will have one URL to share with them.

Understanding your audience: Having a website will enable you to follow a wide range of information about your audience/visitors. Which country they belong to, how much time they spend on your site. When they leave and why they go. There age, location, and even interests (what they search on the internet, and found you)


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