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With the inception of the internet and the world wide web came a new set of challenges. One of which lies in the unfortunate ease of plagiarizing content. Prior to the Internet age, the issue of plagiarism was existent however present on a much much smaller scale as mostly writers wrote anything at all for that matter.
These days, everyone seems to have become a literary personality, churning out articles and reports in continuous succession, for some, to keep up with essential keywords associated with his or her online business pages, for others, to bask in the euphoria of being called a writer, perhaps a freelance writer “without limits”
As a direct result, the issue of plagiarism has spiraled into a large wildfire, taking along everything in its path. As a somewhat efficient solution, terms such as paraphrasing and rewriting tools have come to the limelight, to aid curb the excesses caused by over-enthusiastic writers.

To paraphrase simple refers to the ability to express the meaning of a written or spoken text by means of the use of different words to achieve greater clarity. Fundamentally, all that is required to paraphrase a text is to change the text of the original author while trying to maintain the points stated but in your own words. In paraphrasing, there are a couple of do’s and don’ts, here are some of them

• Avoid changing concept words
• Do not change special terms
• Do not change proper names

The art of paraphrasing can be actualized in different ways, some of which include:
By changing the word order
By changing the form of the word
By changing the voice (active to passive or passive to active)
By changing the sentence structure and use different connecting words

Following these aforementioned steps, ensures that your work turns out effectively different from the original version.
To write a paraphrase simply connotes reiterating the ideas of others but in your own words. Note however that changes to words within a text in a bid to actualize paraphrasing may be seen as plagiarism within some circles.
Currently, there exists a number of online and local apps which aid the process of paraphrasing and rewriting automatically:

1. Small SEO tool: This website provides an on-site article rewriter tool which aids your rewriting process. Its modus operandi, scanning through blocks of text and switching out selected words with their corresponding synonyms.

2. Caligonia: With this article rewriter, you can be assured of a readable block of text after the rewriting operation has been executed. Owing largely to the fact that Caligonia possesses a certain level of human interference, hence ensuring more human-readable content.

3. Ez rewriter: The Ez article rewriter shares the same working principle as the smallseotools article rewriter. It is an online based article rewriter which simply switches as many words to stored synonyms on its database in a bid to provide paraphrased content.

4. Plagiarisma: This online article spinner also has an online synonymizer, a grammar check feature and plagiarism checker.


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